LHS Sets AP Record

    Lincoln High School has had a history of being one of the best public high schools in Rhode Island academically. Now, LHS students have set a state record.

    Ninety-one percent of LHS students who took Advanced Placement exams earned a passing grade. This was good for the best mark in the state, beating out Barrington High School, who finished in second with 88 percent of students passing. Rounding out the top five schools in the state were East Greenwich, Cranston East, and Exeter-West Greenwich. All five finished way over the statewide average- only 54 percent of students throughout the state passed their AP exams.

    The AP exams are graded on a scale from 1 to 5, with 5 being the best possible grade and 1 being the worst possible grade. Grades of 3 and higher are considered passing by the College Board, although most colleges will only accept credit for taking the classes if the student earned a 4 or 5 on the exam.

    This is obviously a massive achievement for our school, as there are many other highly esteemed public school districts in Rhode Island. As senior Betsy Reeve, who has taken multiple AP classes, said, “My first thought was ‘Oh my god, we beat Barrington!’”

    Any student who has taken AP exams and AP classes can tell you that they are not an easy task. After all, they are college-level courses taught in high school.

    LHS also structures its exams differently from many other schools in the state. You can take AP exams as early as freshman year, when AP Human Geography becomes available. Also, LHS splits up their AP English classes- English Language and Composition is taken by juniors, while English Literature and Composition is taken by seniors. According to the Valley Breeze, some other schools don’t do this, leading to seniors vying to take both classes and fewer students overall taking AP classes.

    Reeve pointed this out as one of the reasons that LHS had such a great record with AP exams, stating “I think because we offer so many AP classes, there’s usually an AP class in something that you’re interested in.”

    While this was a student-led achievement, as senior Marc Rosenthal pointed out, the teachers deserve a massive amount of credit as well. “It goes to credit all of the teachers at LHS and how they put on such a great program. They really do a good job of being honest with students and telling them ‘I think you’re ready for this class’ or ‘Maybe you should look at Honors.’ There’s nothing wrong with Honors classes- it’s all about where you can succeed more.”

    This achievement goes to show that the hard work put in by every student and teacher involved in the Advanced Placement program truly does pay off. Congratulations LHS!

This story was also published in the January/February edition of The Lion’s Roar.

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