The Effects of Gossiping in High School- Before

The Effects of Gossiping in High School

By Liz DiMasso

Lions Roar Staff

    High School is a huge part of one’s life everyone remembers forever. It is the time of students lives they make their true friends and set up for their future life goals. Along with education, comes the social aspect of school. Each student gets to experience spirit week, sports games, dances, and many other memorable events. Along with the exciting events comes some more stressful ones too, including midterms, final exams, and standardized tests. Which already creates a toll on students and can be very stressful. High School is known as the best four years of one’s life, but with the ups of high school comes many downs.

    With so much going on in high school, sadly gossiping and rumors come along with each event and becomes an everyday occurance. Many wish students could all be positive and uplifting to everyone around them, but that is not the case. Kids in high school like the attention from gossiping and spreading rumors and some feel more accepted when talking harshly about others, to feel better about themselves. This can destroy the high school community and the people in it.

    Gossiping and rumors are slightly different from each other, but both have a painful effect on who is being talked about. Gossiping is usually talked about behind ones back providing personal information about someone, that one does not want to get out. On the other hand, rumors are pieces of information spread that are not necessarily true, going from one person to another. Rumors can cause students to feel alone and depressed if false information is going around about them. This can affect students grades and work ethic and cause everything to go down hill in one’s life.

    According to Social Issues Research Center, about two thirds of our conversation time is entirely devoted to social topics about others. Including, others relationships and personal lives. Kids gossip to keep friends and bond with others when there is nothing else to talk about.

    Unfortunately, some kids feel like they have nothing better to do than talk badly about others and this takes place at almost every high school including LHS. Many students at Lincoln High School confirmed they hear about rumors and new gossip everyday they walk into school. A junior at LHS, Hannah Schermerhorn expressed, “Students gossip because they think it will make high school more interesting, even if that means tearing down other people.” Students can be harsh and some do not care about others feelings and do not realize the distress they are causing to high schoolers. Schermerhorn also mentioned, “Students being talked about become very sad and some don’t even want to go to school. I have seen several people crying about rumors said about them and it truly wrecks their self esteem.”

    Students should not be scared to come to school when it is supposed to be a positive learning environment and a time to bond with friends. Students at LHS need to take more action to stop spreading rumors and when they hear other people gossiping, they need to tell them to stop because they could be severely hurting others.

    LHS would be much more of a positive environment without gossip or rumors. People are constantly being put down because of them and it ruins some students high school experience. Although it seems impossible, Lincoln High School and other high schools in the world can make a change. High School should be an amazing memory, not one students will dread for the rest of their lives.

This story was written by staffer Liz DiMasso.

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