Student Senate Report- April 22, 2020

The final Student Senate meeting of the semester consisted primarily of inducting new senators and holding internal elections for special committees.

Five new off-campus representatives and one new College of Arts and Sciences representative were sworn in, and positions on the Elections Committee and Summer Senate were decided as well.

Caleb Hilyard was elected as the Arts and Sciences representative. Hilyard, who ran for an at-large Senate seat  in the fall, was the only nominee.

“Over the past year, Caleb has demonstrated himself to be someone of outstanding character and work ethic,” his nominator, Instruments Chair Christopher Bove, said.

Cam Fournier, Kyra Shindler, Isaiah Kittel, Braxton Parker and Rossvierlin Cajigas were all elected as off-campus representatives.

Former Senator Tim Berard attended the meeting to speak on Fournier’s behalf, describing her as “dedicated, passionate, empathetic and an absolute queen.”

Cultural Affairs Chair Bolu Taiwo nominated both Shindler and Parker, saying that the former “has a lot of drive to do things and initiative” and that the latter “is a very approachable person, and I think that’s something that needs to be appreciated.”

Student Organizations Committee (SOC) Chair Katie Siegle nominated Kittel, noting his work and dedication within other clubs. Bove nominated Cajigas, describing her as passionate about helping students adjust to college.

There is still one off-campus representative seat open in the Senate. The role is open for interested students.

The Senate also passed a bill that gives the Summer Senate power to act and complete other tasks if or when needed. 

The Senate’s new First Amendment, which was passed during the meeting on Feb. 27, abolished the Summer Senate as an institution, instead making the Senate year-round. However, the amendment also required passing a campus-wide vote to be official, but due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the vote did not occur.

The Senate elected the chairs of each committee to the Summer Senate: Siegle, Taiwo, Bove, Academic Chair Thomas McGrath, External Chair Grace Kiernan and Campus Affairs Chair Michael Bentley. Senator John Bagley was also elected to the Summer Senate

The reasoning behind electing each chair, as noted by Bove, who nominated them all, was to make the Summer Senate function as similar as possible to its proposed new incarnation, where only chairs would work and do day-to-day operations.

In addition to nominating each chair, Bove also nominated Bagley, noting that his years of experience in the Senate could help the committee chairs function during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This is a very complicated situation, and I felt he would be a good resource,” Bove said.

The Senate also voted on the Elections Committee, which presides over the elections of new senators, and elected President Austyn Ramsay, Bagley, McGrath, Adrianna Turano and Bove.

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