LHS Students Speak About School’s Ongoing Construction

For the past two years, students at Lincoln High School have learned in the midst of on-campus construction.

That construction, while not done, is beginning to yield results, and LHS students are excited about the new building.

“I saw photos of the new building. It looks like a brand new campus, which in my eyes is a great improvement,” Syed Shah, a rising senior, said.

This year’s senior class is the last class to have spent a year in the school pre-construction. Over the past two years, however, ongoing work has impacted juniors and sophomores as well.

Rising junior Carson Cole noted that the toughest challenge she’s faced in a school under are the sounds. 

“The biggest change I’ve had to adjust to is the noise of the construction- it sometimes caused disruption during classes and made focusing a little more difficult,” she said.

Multiple LHS students commented on the toughest adjustment they faced being a smaller school.

“It was a tough adjustment when half of the school was no longer accessible,” rising senior Drew Swanson said. “Everyone had to walk in the same narrow hallway and it was very chaotic.”

“Last school year we had tight hallways, some classes were crammed, and some teachers didn’t have their own classroom, but overall the students adjusted as we had to and the year went pretty smoothly,” Shah said.

Of course, there are questions on when students at LHS will be able to return to school safely to learn there again. When they do return, however, they will have the beginnings of a completely transformed building to greet them.

This was the last piece I wrote during my Valley Breeze internship in the summer of 2020, and was part of a larger series focusing on construction at my former high school.

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