Throughout my high school career, I have taken many photographs for different staffers’ stories in the paper. Here is a collection of my greatest hits.

This photo was taken by me in front of a green screen (which was edited by my advisor, Mrs. Picozzi). It features dancers from LHS’s annual Variety Show and was on the front page of the Lion’s Roar January/February 2019 issue.
This is a photo of fellow editor-in-chief Nick Albanese. It was staged and taken for a fellow staffer’s story on Internet stalkers and was also on the front page of the January/February 2019 issue.
This photo was taken in October 2018 as part of the coverage of Lincoln High School’s ongoing construction.
This photo of LHS senior Dimitry Lineker was taken for the May 2019 edition of The Lion’s Roar. It was done for a center-spread feature on seniors and what they would have done differently throughout high school.
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