I got a lot of my first professional breaks working on the radio. For the most part, my early breaks were due to the fact that I had a father who works for WPRO- one of the largest talk radio stations in the state. I was a recurring host/announcer on his weekend show, Drive-Thru Radio, from April of 2017 until early 2019. I also got another break, this time on WPRO, when Dan Yorke asked me if I could host the pregame shows for the 2018 Rhode Island Interscholastic League Boy’s Basketball championships.

I will acknowledge that the only real reason I got either of those positions was due to my father being “in the business”- me being on his show was obvious, and Dan was shorthanded and knew through my dad that I was getting into journalism and played basketball in high school. Nevertheless, I worked hard and made it clear that even though it was my built-in advantage that got me these jobs, it was my skill that let me keep them. Although I knew nothing about cars and car repair, the focus of my dad’s show, I could weave in discussion topics to introduce and end the show, as well as take it into and out of commercial breaks in an organic fashion. Dan Yorke also invited me back to do the pregame shows for the 2019 tournament, which was a big deal considering that he had high standards, I only had the job by circumstance, I had no prior professional experience in the field (discounting my dad’s show), and the tournament would be broadcast on the state’s biggest radio station and listened to by thousands.

I got my start in radio independent of my dad’s influence as a freshman in college working for WRIU, URI’s student radio station. Right away, I got into commentating URI’s soccer, football, and basketball games, which was a big deal for a first-semester freshman. My biggest roles early on were the color commentator for URI’s homecoming football game against Elon, color for women’s basketball’s game against Robert Morris, and the “host” role (the pregame, halftime, and postgame shows) for URI men’s basketball games against Nicholls St., La Salle, and VCU.

I also got my feet wet producing games for WRIU, and I was tasked from the beginning with making sure some of the university’s most important games made it on the air. Those games included football’s games against Stony Brook and Brown and men’s basketball’s games against Alabama and Providence.

Unfortunately, I do not have recordings of all of my radio experience, and some of the recordings are not in a file that WordPress can play, but what you can listen to is linked on the list here. In parenthesis is the role I held for each WRIU sports broadcast.

2019 RIIL Boy’s Basketball State Championships

URI Men’s Soccer vs. Merrimack (host)

URI Football vs. Elon- Homecoming (color)

URI Men’s Basketball vs. Nicholls St. (host)

URI Women’s Basketball vs. Robert Morris (color)

URI Men’s Basketball vs. La Salle (studio host)

URI Men’s Basketball vs. VCU (studio host)

URI Women’s Basketball vs. St. Bonaventure (color)

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