Student Senate Report- Sept. 26, 2019

Two bills were passed during the University of Rhode Island’s Student Senate meeting Wednesday night. 

RhodyTHON, an organization whose mission statement is “[to] raise money through peer to peer fundraising to donate to Hasbro Children’s Hospital,” was officially recognized as an organization by Student Senate. 

Men’s Club Soccer was recognized by the senate as well. Both clubs were recognized unanimously and without much discussion.

Cultural Affairs Chair Lulu Alryati put an emphasis on Safe Zone training in the Gender and Sexuality Center.

“[The Safe Zone Blitz] is pretty much a two-hour training,” Alryati said. “Not everyone is required to do it but it is recommended. The people that are required by bylaws are the executive committee and the chairs.”

The President of Student Senate, Nick Marotta, started his report by recognizing Gage Blanchflower, the campus affairs chair, as the new sustainability liaison, as well as recognizing a new health services liaison.

Additionally, Marotta stated that he had worked with Rhody Archery about being able to practice on campus rather than having to travel to Warwick. 

“It costs them a lot of money to get there and to rent equipment and they want their club to perform on campus,” said Marotta. “We had a meeting and I then met with the risk management of [URI’s] president and secretary the other day. So, we got some stuff accomplished. Starting in a few weeks, there will be “archery tag” on campus, which is like a Nerf-style archery thing, and in the spring, they’re going to actually be getting real deal archery on campus here.”

Marotta and Blanchflower also talked about possibly forming a comprehensive sustainability coalition. 

“[The coalition] would basically just try to make URI more sustainable and [get us] on the same page to possibly start trying to do something like a sustainability fair,” said Blanchflower. 

Vice President Amanda Marino’s report consisted of encouraging her fellow senators to join the Scholarship Committee, a committee that decides who the Student Senate Scholarship is given to. 

Leila Cox, director of communications, talked about upcoming events on campus. Notable events include a Rosh Hashanah lunch at noon on Monday at the Norman M. Fain Hillel Center and a Juul pod recycling drive at the Union running from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. the same day.

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