Multimedia Broadcast

I first joined the LHS Journalism Academy with a serious interest in broadcast journalism. Here are some of the videos that I have starred in and produced throughout my time in high school.

Additionally, I write and organize pregame shows for the Rhode Island Interscholastic League boys’ basketball playoffs. Links to a page with them are at the bottom of this page.

“Sticks and Stones”
This video was part of an anti-bullying series done by Rachelle Bousquet and Hannah Leopold-Brandt starring myself. It took second place in the Buddies Not Bullies national competition.
“Meet Mr. McCloskey”
This was one of the first videos that I completely shot and edited. It features a humorous, lighthearted interview with history teacher Mr. McCloskey and was featured on the LHS Advisory Report.
“The Man Music Video”
The assignment for this video was to take an already existing song and make your own music video for it. I chose “The Man” by Aloe Blacc and, over the course of a month, filmed, edited, and starred in this video. While this is not a journalistic piece, it was a fun video that I am very proud of doing the work I did on it.
“Drive Responsibly”
This video was created for the TeenDrive365 video contest. I have yet to find out how it placed in the competition.
“Advisory Report”
This is an example of one of Lincoln High School’s Advisory Reports. While I do not edit or produce these videos, I often star as one of the hosts, more often than not with my co-editor in chief Nick Albanese.
“2018 Open House”
While I did not edit or produce this video either, I starred in this video alongside my co-EICs to introduce parents of LHS journalism students to the program.
“Diversity Week Begins Today”
This video was completely shot, produced, and edited by me. It was created to bring awareness to Mahum Shah’s exhibition project- the first-ever Diversity Week in Lincoln High School history.
“Open House”
This was a more general open house video that I was a big part of making. I did a lot of the camera work and was interviewed as part of it. It was shown to 8th graders and their parents and is still up on the Lincoln High School website.

Radio Recordings

I’ve also done professional work broadcasting the Rhode Island Interscholastic League basketball state championships over the radio. Click here to see some of my show’s podcasts.

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